Activity Clubs

After School Activity Clubs 

Due to the success of the afterschool activity clubs we have planned a new exciting programme that your children can participate in throughout this term. This is in addition to our Toast and After School Club.

We want all children to be able to enjoy the extra-curricular opportunities on offer, therefore, there will be no charge for the clubs that will be run by our teachers or our specialist teacher Mr Stubbs. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Mrs Lal has had to take a step back from working in school. We look forward to working with Mr Stubbs and learning from his expertise from competing as a professional hurdler.

This term the extra- curricular activity clubs will be starting on the week commencing the 22nd January 2018.

How to sign up using the online portal:

To sign your child up for one of the available clubs please visit our school website at   and click on the tab ‘Parents’. A drop down box will then appear with the option ‘Activity Clubs’. You will then be able to access the link where it will take you to your own confidential portal to choose any relevant clubs that are on offer to your child. Places will be allocated on a first to sign up basis and all children will be notified if they have received a place in the available clubs.

The closing date to sign your child up for clubs next half term is Wednesday 17th January 2018

If your child already attends the After School Club which operates daily at Sacred Heart, they are welcome to apply for a place in an extra-curricular activity provided by the school. If successful in being allocated a place in the activity, they can attend the activity with the cost being included as part of their After School Club fee i.e. at no extra cost. The teachers in charge of the extra-curricular activity will ensure that the children are safely transferred to the care of the After School Club, following the activity. Please note that this arrangement applies only to the extra-curricular clubs provided by our staff listed in this letter. The additional charges for privately provided activities will apply.

Until February half term all children must be collected by an adult as the nights are darker in these months. All children must be collected promptly at 4:30pm by an adult; failure to do so will result in your child losing their place.

If your child later decides that they no longer wish to attend the extra-curricular club, or if they are not attending due to you collecting them at 3:30pm for any reason, please send a written note into the school office. Failure to attend for 3 consecutive weeks will result in your child losing their place in the club (unless exceptional circumstances for your child’s absence are agreed in writing with the activity leader).

The available clubs this term are as follows:

The online form should be completed by Wednesday 17th January 2018

Day  Year Club
Monday  5/6

Homework Club

Start date: 22.01.2018

Finishing date: 26.3.18

Miss Stewart Collect from Main Entrance

Monday  4/5

Fun Fitness and Circuits

Start Date: 22.01.18

Finishing date: 26.3.18

Mr Stubbs Collect from the infant building

Tuesday 1/2

Mini Olympics

Start date: 23.01.2018

Finishing date: 27.3.18

Mr Stubbs Collect from the infant building

Tuesday  3/4/5

Fine Art Club

Start Date: 23.01.18

Finishing date: 27.3.18

Miss Barrow Collect from Main Entrance

Wednesday 3/4


Start Date 24.01.18

Finishing date: 28.3.18

Mr Stubbs Collect from the infant building

Thursday  5/6


Start Date 25.01.18

Finishing date: 29.3.18

Mr Stubbs Collect from the infant building

Friday  2/3

Irish Dancing

Start Date: 26.01.18

Finishing date: 23.3.18

Miss O’Donell Collect from the infant building

In line with our drive to improve the efficiency of communication to parents, all future information that you will get with information about P.E will be posted on the website and sent to you via the school app.  No future letters will be sent in future so there is no risk of things being left in children’s bags.