Activity Clubs

After School Activity Clubs 

Due to the ongoing success of the afterschool activity clubs we would like to inform you of the new clubs beginning after the Easter holidays. Current clubs will run up until Thursday 29th March.

In order to sign your children up for the new clubs available after Easter, you will need to use the online portal below.

Should you have any problems registering your child’s interest for a club, please contact the school office.

The deadline for registering is midnight on Wednesday 28th March. Places will be allocated on a first to sign up basis.

The available clubs next term are as follows:








Start date: 16.04.18

Mr Stubbs Collect from Infant Building



Multi Skills and Games

Start Date: 17.04.18

Mr Stubbs Collect from Infant Building



Ball Games

Start date: 18.04.18

Mr Stubbs Collect from Infant Building



Team Athletics

Start Date: 19.04.18

Mr Stubbs Collect from Infant Building



Art and Crafts

Start Date 19.04.18

Miss McGilloway Collect from Infant Building


If your child already attends the After School Club which operates daily at Sacred Heart, they are welcome to apply for a place in an extra-curricular activity provided by the school. If successful in being allocated a place in the activity, they can attend the activity with the cost being included as part of their After School Club fee i.e. at no extra cost. The teachers in charge of the extra-curricular activity will ensure that the children are safely transferred to the care of the After School Club, following the activity. Please note that this arrangement applies only to the extra-curricular clubs provided by our staff listed in this letter. The additional charges for privately provided activities will apply.

If your child later decides that they no longer wish to attend the extra-curricular club, or if they are not attending due to you collecting them at 3:30pm for any reason, please send a written note into the school office. Failure to attend for 3 consecutive weeks will result in your child losing their place in the club (unless exceptional circumstances for your child’s absence are agreed in writing with the activity leader).