Assessment and Reporting
Old national curriculum levels (e.g. level 3,4,5) have now been abolished, as set out in the Government guidelines.
This means it is difficult to compare the assessment of a previous year with the current year.

The new curriculum is more rigorous and sets high expectations which all schools have had to work hard to meet since the beginning of academic year 2014-15.
Scaled Scores
What is meant by 'scaled scores'?
    • It is planned that 100 will always represent the 'national standard'
    • Each pupil's raw test score will therefore be converted into a score on the scale, either at, above or below 100.
    • The scale will have a lower end point somewhere below 100 and an upper end point above 100.
    • A child who achieves the 'national standard' (a score of 100) will be judged to have demonstrated sufficient knowledge in the areas assessed by the tests.
    • A child awarded a scaled score of 100 is judged to have met the 'national standard' in the area judged by the test.
    • A child awarded a scaled score of more than 100 is judged to have exceeded the national standard and demonstrated a higher than expected knowledge of the curriculum for their age.
  • A child awarded a scaled score of less than 100 is judged to have not yet met the national standard and performed below expectation for their age.