Ethos, Values & Aims of the School

Mission Statement
We the Sacred Heart Community aim to
develop healthy, happy people who
want to achieve in life by following
the word of Jesus and living
the code of conduct.
Aims of the School
In partnership with parents the school aims to develop children who:
  • have a growing understanding of their faith
  • follow a healthy lifestyle
  • are safe
  • enjoy learning and want to achieve
  • make a positive contribution in their community
Code of Conduct
Careful and Kind
In Sacred Heart each one of us is important.
We want to be cared for and should always care for others.
We should take pride in everything that we do, caring for our school and enjoying it.
Polite and Friendly
We should welcome everyone into our school with good manners and a smile.
We should take time to listen to each other - everyone has something important to say.
Accidents do happen - saying "sorry" helps to mend the hurt.
Loyal and Responsible
We should take pride in all that we do in our school.
We should be loyal to our class.
We should remember to look after our school - others will need what we leave behind.