School Council

School Council Charities
Last year's charity events raised a total of £1018.35 for our chosen charities. These were, Building Together in Cambodia and Incubabies (based at Arrowe Park Hospital). 
Several different events took place during the year to raise this money. Some of these events are listed below. 
Our Key stage 2 Christmas Carol concert collection raised £30.98.
Mrs Maddocks Held an Easter raffle which raised £110.00.
The anticipated Pyjama day returned and raised £367.15.
This academic year, the School Council have already started to plan the different events they would like Sacred Heart to hold. These events will raise funds for our chosen charities for 2018-19. Our over seas charity is Mission Together and our local charity is the Guide Dogs. 
In October, Mary from Mission Together visited Sacred Heart to tell us about how we could help children across the world who are less fortunate than we are. Mary provided us with collection boxes, which we can gather coins in over the year to support this worthy cause. 
In November, Sacred Heart were visited by Guide Dog volunteers, along with their furry friends. They informed both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 about the work that is involved with training a Guide Dog. These visitors will be back in the new year to work with the School Council in more detail.