A Message from the Chair of Governors

Hello, my name is Karl Landrum and I am the Chair of Governors at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. As governors we are immensely proud of Sacred Heart and the wonderful community spirit that helps makes this school so successful. This is a school which gives children a wonderful experience of learning, both in terms of what they need to learn to meet the demands of the curriculum, and wider than that, in learning about life.

Our school mission statement demonstrates how we believe all of the children in our care are developed and nurtured. We help this process by enriching their experiences at every stage, with educational visits, visitors in school and a wide range of exciting activities.

We want every child to do the best they can and to fulfil their potential. Our children’s behaviour around school is courteous, considerate and most of all, focused on their learning. All of this makes Sacred Heart a great place to be – for children, for parents and carers, for visitors, for staff and for governors.

What is the Governing Body?

The Governing body is a group of people who are responsible for every aspect of school life, what is taught, who is employed to teach it and the environment they teach in. Governors certainly have considerable responsibilities, but they don’t exercise them as individuals. All Governor decisions are corporate as is the responsibility for decisions made.

Our Governing body has 4 main committees:

- Admissions

- Resources, Health and Safety

- Curriculum

- Pay and Personnel

Governors sit on sub-committees. Each sub-committee meets once a term followed by a full Governors Meeting once a term that all Governors attend.

The role of a Governor can be very varied, challenging and fulfilling and we are all here to ensure that your children have an excellent education and develop personally, socially, spiritually and academically.


Mr K Landrum                                                                                                                                       Chair of Governors